Traefik 2.0 With Docker Compose

In this article I will discuss using Traefik in conjunction with docker-compose to set up a multi-domain server, both with and without HTTPS support.

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Wireless Audio Control Interface

This project was completed in Fall of 2019 as a senior capstone design project for the EECE department at Northeastern University. Included here is the abstract and associated project materials to serve as part of my portfolio. Thanks to group members Joshua Berlin, Jess Bardio, Andrew Whitacker, Phil Del Signore, and Lousia Beckwith, as well as advisor Professor Bahram Shafai.

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Meta Sqlite3

Recursive Database Stores

Sqlite3 is a versatile database that can be embedded into larger programs, used as a datastore for web servers, processing scripts, and even as a binary file format for storing configurations. It can use a file as a storage medium, or it can run a database completely in memory. We are going to recursively store a sqlite3 database inside of another sqlite3 database. The only legitimate use case I see for this is like a mini-database-as-a-service, where each database is stored as a single record in a parent database, providing compartmentalization at a low resource cost.

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Understanding Lua Metatables

The Lua programming language does not have a class-based object oriented system in its definition. Lua metatables are the most common way of implementing such a system, and is analygous in usefulness to method_missing in Ruby or __getattr__ in Python.

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While working as a web dev for VirZOOM, and later doing embedded programming and scripting at Desktop Metal, I’ve accumulated some aliases in my ~/.bash_profile which speed up my workflow:

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Universal Makefile

Build System Frustration

Like any developer, I like to use the right tool for the job – when it comes to coding projects, the choice of language can greatly impact the performance and workflow of the project in the future. For quick CLI’s and web projects, I like to use Python; for short single-use and domain-specific scripts, shell is nice; for native concurrency primitives and a simple language, I use Golang. Many languages that are catching the world by a storm, like Golang, Rust, Kotlin, Crystal, and Nim have built-in or otherwise generally accepted build systems that are relatively effortless to leverage in making easily buildable and installable packages. However, as a student in Electrical Engineering who frequently drops down to lower level languages like C and C++, project build systems pose a larger barrier to entry. To solve this problem, I have a relatively simple “universal” Makefile for C and C++ (and mixed), which can be easily adaptable for many projects.

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Often times, working with embedded hardware, we want to have the low level bit-flipping access of embedded programming but keep the high level programming ability of languages like Python or Ruby. Let’s say we want to control the position of a stepper motor connected through a motor driver to an Arduino, but we don’t want a “closed” control system with just the Arduino–we want to control the position from a Python script on a computer (maybe connected to a web service, etc.).

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